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CTS Pro Guitar & Bass Pots

CTS brand pots have been the professional choice for top guitar and bass builders and repair techs for decades. These pots are made with the highest quality materials to exacting specifications and specifically designed for guitars and other musical instruments. Our CTS pots are special ordered and assembled to our custom specs. Custom tolerances, brass shaft construction and other details make our CTS pots a cut above the rest and are the pot of choice by our in-house techs.

Full Size Pots Quantity Discounts

  • Full Size Pots: Buy 5-9 Save $.50 Each - Buy 10+ Save $1.00 Each. (Mix and match any brand or style)
  • CTS & Bourns Pots w/ Variable Treble Bleed Circuit:  Buy 3+ Save $1.50 Each | Buy 5+ Save $2.00 Each | Buy 10+ Save $3.00 Each