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Pro Electronics Kit for Guitar w/ 5-Way Rotary Switch & CTS Pro Pots-500K

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Product Overview

5-Way rotary switch guitar parts kit w/ CTS 500K Audio Taper Pro Guitar pots, Oak Grigsby 5-Way/4Pole Rotary Pickup Selector, Switchcraft output and jack and two Orange Drop tone capacitors. Get the full potential from pickups with a fuller, cleaner sound, superior reliability and improved functionality from volume and tone controls. The Rotary Switch Pro Kit includes an easy to read wiring diagram and the following parts:

CTS 500K Audio Taper Pro Guitar Pots (2)

  • Low capacitance heavy duty carbon resistive element provides noise-free audio and a long life.
  • Tight tolerance of +10%/-10% prevents tone loss from load mismatches and low pot values. (Standard pot values can vary by +/-20%!)
  • Audio taper provides more even and consistent volume and tone operation than standard pots.
  • Solid brass shaft and threaded bushing provide a super smooth feel and noise free operation.
  • Split knurled shaft with fine splines (USA) for use as a direct upgrade/replacement in most American guitars.
  • Includes friction washer, top washer & mounting nut plus additional mounting nut for proper spacing on pick guards & control plates.
  • Pot Diameter: 7/8" Threaded Bushing Length: 3/8" Shaft Type: Knurled (fine spline).

Oak Grigsby 5-Way Rotary Switch

  • High quality, heavy duty construction for long life.
  • Superior contact and terminal design provides quiet switching.
  • Split Knurled shaft accepts most push-on and set screw style knobs,

Switchcraft Output Jack

  • High quality, heavy duty construction for long life.
  • Thick steel contacts holds the cable secure for a better electrical connection.

Cornell Dubilier Orange Drop Capacitors (2)

  • Close industry tolerance (+/-5%) ensures accurate and consistent tone.
  • Includes two capacitors (.022mFd & .047mFd)
  • Superior dielectric composition provides smooth, wah-like tone filtering.
  • No harsh sounding piezo electric effect common to ceramic capacitors.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review