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LoBat-Low Battery Indicator for Active Guitar Pickup & Electronics (3-Pack)

Precision Music Technologies

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Product Overview

3-Pack of PMT LoBat low battery indicator circuits for guitar and bass active pickups and electronics. Use with any brand of active pickups or electronics that uses a 9 volt battery. Micro-circuitry checks the battery when the guitar is plugged in and Flashes the LED briefly to let you know the battery is good. When the voltage drops below 7.7VDC the LED lights up to let you know a new battery is needed soon before tone suffers.

PMT LoBat Features:

  • Notifies the player of low voltage BEFORE tone suffers
  • Super low current draw will not reduce battery life
  • Checks battery continuously during performance
  • Status "flash" at start up signals the battery is good
  • Micro size circuit mounts almost anywhere
  • Peel and stick adhesive pre-applied
  • Simple 2 wire installation


(No reviews yet) Write a Review