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Original Fender Guitar Wiring Diagrams

Listing of all original Fender guitar wiring diagrams in PDF format for Jazzmasters, Jaguars Showmasters, Toronados Cyclones and more. To view or download a diagram, click the "download" link to the right.

Fender Guitar Model Part# Diagram
American Vintage '62 Jaguar® 010-0900 Download
American Vintage '62 Jazzmaster® 010-0800 Download
Cyclone™ 013-0500 Download
Cyclone™ HH 013-0400 Download
Cyclone™ II 013-0600 Download
Highway 1™ Toronado® 011-0800 Download
Showmaster® Blackout 026-3000/506 Download
Showmaster® FAT HH 026-3070 Download
Showmaster® FAT SSS 026-3170/530 Download
Showmaster® HH 026-3270/530 Download
Showmaster® HH 026-3070 Download
Showmaster® HH 026-3080 Download
Showmaster® HH (Upgrade 2005) 026-3080/550 Download
Showmaster® SSS 026-3180/550 Download
Showmaster® HH 026-3280/552 Download
So-Cal Speed Shop Stratocaster® 026-5200/550 Download
Sub-Sonic® 011-4530/32 Download
Toronado® GT HH 026-0700/550 Download
Toronado® 013-0700 Download
Toronado® (Upgrade 2005) 013-0900 Download
Toronado® DE 011-0600 Download
Toronado® HH 011-0700 Download